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Learn how mCHP can eliminate your monthly commercial or residential electric bill, while providing your heat, hot water and emergency back up generation needs.   

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Sustainability (sus-tain-a-bil-i-ty):

The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

Alternative Power and Heat LLC

Are you looking for a way to meet your energy needs, generate real savings in a way that is much more efficient and is significantly better for the planet?

Well designed and cost effective, Yanmar mCHP systems can bridge the gap between how power is generated and delivered today and what forward thinking commercial and residential consumers need.

Lower or eliminate your electric bills by utilizing cost
effective micro cogeneration (mCHP) units from Yanmar. Meet your electric, heating, cooling and hot water demands including pool heating while receiving credit on your electric bill through net metering and simultaneously reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Alternative Power and Heat LLC - the leading source for micro cogeneration combined heat and power in Greenlawn and the New York tri-state area.

Cogeneration: An Energy Revolution